Architecture Agency

Sabine von Fischer’s architecture agency operates at the nexus of architecture, technology, and culture at large.

Agentur für Architektur

Sabine von Fischers Agentur für Architektur schreibt und forscht an den Schnittstellen von Architektur, Technik und Kulturgeschehen.

Sabine von Fischer is an architectural historian and critic with a background in architectural and artistic practice. She has taught studios and seminars at ETH Zürich, University of Basel, and at different institutions in Belgrade, New York, Providence, and other places. She has presented her work in Ahmedabad, Austin, London, Salzburg, Toronto, etc.; most recently her lectures have addressed the topics of loudspeaker amplification in the competition for the League of Nations headquarters in Geneva, 1927 (UP Valencia and ENSA Paris-Malaquais, November 2015), Lina Bo Bardi’s MASP from 1968 (TU Munich, November 2014), and 20th Century sound photography in architectural research (University of Amsterdam, January 2014, and Berlin, May 2015). Her writing has been featured in journals, newspapers and academic books.