Architecture Agency

diaphanarch builds architecture and text on your behalf and together with you, for temporary and permanent use.

Agentur für Architektur

diaphanarch erstellt für Sie und mit Ihnen Architektur und Texte für den temporären wie für den ständigen Gebrauch.

Sabine von Fischer

Sabine von Fischer is an architectural historian, architect, and writer. Her doctoral thesis in architectural history and theory addresses the nexus of architecture and science in 20th century architectural acoustics. Her writing has been featured in journals, newspapers and academic editions. She has taught design studio and seminars on architectural criticism at ETH Zürich, the Eikones summer school “Media of the Urban: In-Visible Cities” at University of Basel, as well as other theory seminars and design workshops, and lectured internationally. Talks range from sound photography (University of Amsterdam, January 2014) to Lina Bo Bardi’s MASP (TU Munich, November 2014). In November 2015, she will present a paper on rhetorics surrounding loudspeaker amplification in the competition for the League of Nations headquarters in Geneva, 1927, at the Le Corbusier conference in Valencia. This case study is also part of her forthcoming book “Das akustische Argument. Neue Parameter in der Architektur des 20. Jahrhunderts” (gta Verlag, Zürich 2016).